The following allied families are in our direct line Martineau ancestry: Gravel, Blanchet, Morin, Schwartz, Frase, Potratz, Schleif, Boek, Behnke, Schauer, Oelke, Krause, Luebke, Abraham, Faerber, Bahr, Rambow

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Grünewald, Pomerania - Frederick Krause home village

Church Seal of the Parish of Gramenz, Neustettin, Pommern

Frederick (Friedrich Theodor) Krause and his family immigrated into the United States in 1881.  Frederick's parents were from the village of Grünewald, near Gramenz, in Neustettin District of Pomerania.  This was part of the German Empire that is today part of Poland.  Its Polish name is Mieszalki. 

Grünewald was part of the von Glasenapp family estate.  As such, the farmers there were still living in feudal conditions up until 1850.  So far we have records of our Krause family at Grünewald in 1777, so they had likely been part of the von Glasenapp estate a very long time.

Michael Heinrich Krause immigration 1884

Our ancestor Michael Heinrich Krause immigrated to Minnesota to join his sons and daughters in Maple Grove, Hennepin, Minnesota.  He came by himself on 28 July 1884.

He is listed on the Hamburg emigration ship lists as being from Gramenz, Pommern and 76 years old. 

Michael Heinrich (Henry) Krause then shows up in 1885, living in Maple Grove, Minnesota with his daughter and son-in-law, Johanna (Hannah) and Herman Bernd (also Behrend).

Minnesota Census 1885 - Maple Grove, Hennepin County

Wadtke, Bahr & Krause Family Immigration 1882

On 1 April 1882, a group of 24 people from Gramenz parish, Pommern emigrated together from Hamburg, Germany.  They departed Hamburg on the "Viola" of the A. Kirsten Shipping Company on the Hamburg - London Route, with Baltimore as their destination port.

A number of our family member were on this trip:

Wilhelmine (Rambow) Bahr, 60         [our ancestor]
Albert Wodtke, 24                            [Wilhelmine Bahr's son-in-law]
Mathilde Wodtke, 20                         [Wilhelmine Bahr's daughter]

Wilhelm Rambow, 35                       [possibly Wilhelmine Bahr's nephew???]
Caroline Rambow, 34
Bertha Rambow, 7
Theodor Rambow, 11
Mathilde Rambow, 5
Therese Rambow, infant

Hermann Behrend, 27                       [Friedrich Theodor Krause's brother-in-law]
Johanna Behrend, 27                        [Friedrich Theodor Krause's sister]
Ottilie Behrend, 5                             [Friedrich Theodor Krause's neice]

Ludwig Krause, 32                            [Friedrich Theodor Krause's brother]
Caroline Krause, 32                          [Friedrich Theodor Krause's sister-in-law]
Martha Kause, 6                               [Friedrich Theodor Krause's neice]
Anna Krause, infant                          [Friedrich Theodor Krause's neice]

Other families from Gramenz include:
Ferdinand (33) and Emilie (25) Reglin; Ferdinand Spohr (60); Johann (23) and Emilie (23) Reglin, with their 3 children.  I do not know if they are related to us or not.   

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Christian Friedrich Abraham & Dorothea Louise Faerber, marriage 1812, Grunewald, Pommern

Christian Friedrich Abraham married Dorothea Elisabeth "Louise" Faerber (Färber) on 15 April 1812, at Gramenz Parish Lutheran Church.  They were both from the village of Grünewald.  Dorothea was the widow of Johann Martin Beduhn.

Gramenz Parish Register, Marriages 1812

Dorothea Elisabeth Faerber was first married to Johann Martin Beduhn on 24 Nov 1795 at Gramenz.  Both were from Grünewald, she was 20 and he was 26. 

Gramenz Parish Register, Marriages 1795

Dorothea Louise (Faerber) Abraham, death 1834, Grunewald, Pommern

Dorothea Louise (nee Faerber) Abraham died on 21 Sep 1834 of old age (Alteschwache).  She was buried on 24 Sep 1834.  She was 56 years old and survived by her husband, Friedrich Abraham ("Vollbauer" - a full farmer), 3 minor children and 4 adult children.

Gramenz Parish Register, Deaths 1834

Christian Friedrich Abraham, death 1841, Grünewald, Pommern

Christian Friedrich Abraham died on 11 September 1841 at Grünewald, Pommern.  He was 60 years, 8 months, and 14 days old.  He left behind 3 children.  No cause of death is given.

Gramenz Parish Register, Deaths 1841

Sophie Hedwig (Luebke) Krause, death 1835, Grünewald, Pommern

Sophie Hedwig (Luebke / Lübke) Krause died 30 June 1835 at Gruenewald, Pommern.  She was the widow of Christian Krause and was 65 years old.  She died of old age (Alterschwache).  She left behind 8 children, 2 of which were adults. 

Gramenz Parish Register, Deaths 1835